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What people are saying about UCC Wireless
  • "I need to compliment you on your absolutely wonderful quick order service on your website. I cannot get over how easy it is an how well it works. The view of the item being typed with its price and availability is fantastic. My compliments to your web designer."

    - Regina M. Zeyzus
  • "Excellent service and communication with us"

    - Boones Mill Volunteer FIRE/EMS
  • "Sara provides prompt, friendly and accurate service for all our daily orders. It’s her consistent dedication that keeps our business relationship positive and successful. Keep up the Good work and Thank you for your service excellence!"

    - Michael W.
  • "Pagers sent in for repair are fixed and returned quickly No complaints"

    - Ronald L.
  • "I had a good experience, fast and honest. Would recommend to others."

    - Hull Fire Department
  • "Our agency is very pleased with the service and repairs provided by UCC and we would recommend them to anyone needing pager repairs"

    - NC Forest Service (FAYETTEVILLE)
  • "UCC has been very helpful in getting our Motorola needs. GREAT WORK, UCC!!!"

    - Shelly O.
  • "I email orders with part numbers, receive a confirmation email, receive a confirmation email and parts arrive as scheduled, WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?"

    - Steven Hendrick
  • "Always have a great experience. Orders come very quickly. Can’t think of anything to improve...."

    - Jackie S.
  • "We have always had great service and good repair work done. UCC is very timely and exceeds our expectations on repairs every time."

    - Mandy Y.
  • "Fantastic, simple, prompt - love doing business with UCC!"

    - Dave H.
  • "Whether we need UCC to perform repairs for us, or when we are enquiring as to your products or need your opinion on any aspect of the Paging Industry, we have always been fully satisfied with your professionalism and delighted with the relationship we have enjoyed with UCC over the years. "

    - Lyndsay G.
  • "We order from UCC and have never had a problem. They always have the stock on hand we need with competitive pricing."

  • "Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Great service."

    - Thomas R.
  • "Always there to help out in more ways than one!!!!!!!!!"

    - Tom Smith, August 2017
  • "Getting updated information in a timely manner, and can pretty much count on receiving the unit/s the day after the invoice is received. Excellent customer service when I call/email. Very pleased to work with the team."

    - COMPROS INC Young, August 2017
  • "Love ordering from UCC Wireless always helpful and understanding. Thanks again."

    - Travis Mullins, August 2017
  • "UCC staff is always very courteous and helpful when I call. They provide CORRECT answers, and their pager repair is impeccable! I highly recommend them."

    - Regina Zeyzus, August 2017
  • "United Communications is very responsive whether to a question or just getting an order placed and shipping out ASAP. Overall they have done a really good job keeping the customer informed and happy."

    - Jessica Cohen, August 2017
  • "Thank you for being our vendor of choice for Pagers and Motorola parts!"

    - Bill Morrison, August 2017
  • "Thanks much for getting me the supplies we need from Motorola"

    - Steve Wise, August 2017
  • "Always receive my repaired pagers back in a timely manner!"

    - Jess York, August 2017
  • "Sales & customer service were very helpful with the transactions I had with your company."

    - Douglas Donley, August 2017
  • "Everyone at UCC has been very good about helping and serving out needs."

    - Brad Homman, August 2017
  • "The repair process is easy - just fill out a simple form, no need to call in for an RMA. The repairs come back promptly and rarely need to go back. The pagers are wrapped individually with paperwork, so it is easy to figure out which ticket goes to what pager. And they email me the invoice in advance, which saves me the time of doing paperwork all at once."

    - Barbara Gengarelly, August 2017
  • "Excellent service all around from every department!"

    - David Fisher, August 2017
  • "Our pagers always come back from repair in tip top shape. We are very pleased with the service we get from UCC!"

    - Teresa, August 2017
  • "Steve is very helpful with my orders, I have had no problems at all. Very easy to work with."

    - Blake Harbert, March 2017
  • Friendly Courteous service.

    - Svetlana R, March 2017
  • "In your new automated system, I notices you populated your fields for radios with pages from the Old Motorola Blue Book. I was very pleased and enjoyed seeing those pages again. I miss the hardcopy, used it from 1985 til they no longer published them. I am very pleased with the experience so far, and am glad to see Old Motorola Blue!"

    - David Harris, March 2017
  • "Steve Foster is great!"

    - Dennis Bolay, March 2017
  • "Good!"

    - Casey Hafla, March 2017
  • "Always helpful and nice!"

    - Donna Burden, March 2017
  • "Service and process was very smooth. Thanks very much to Steve Foster and his team."

    - John Gaw, March 2017