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Welcome to United Communications (UCC). As you now know, Motorola Solutions (MSI) is transitioning pager product sales and support for the Professional and Commercial Radio (PCR) Channel Partners to UCC. We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you, to earn your trust, and help you ensure Motorola Minitor customers get the best in class service and support that is the hallmark of the Motorola Solutions brand. Below please find a list of “frequently asked questions” that may help navigate this transition. If you have questions, not answered by the FAQ’s, please feel free to call us at (888)-763-7550 and we will be happy to assist.

MSI Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I connect with UCC?

We don’t have an account, how do I set one up?

If you have never established an account at UCC you will need to set one up to be able to order paging products. Click on this link to get to our dealer New Account set up form.

We already have an account at UCC. Do I need to do anything to be able to order pagers?

To avoid order delays we highly recommend a mutual review of your account to ensure the information we have on file is appropriate for our business relationship going forward. Your credit limit might need to be reviewed for increase due to the additional business. Also, check your ordering authorities, AP contact, email, bill to and ship to addresses.

Questions about placing orders?

How will I place orders?

Placing orders with UCC is simple. Once you establish an account with UCC you can go to our website and place orders online for Minitor pagers, pager accessories, parts and batteries. Click this link to establish online web access. To assist in ordering Minitor pagers you can use our UCC Motorola Minitor VI easy pager configurator. Click this link to see how to order Minitor pagers online. Most orders keyed by 3PM CST will ship the same day. You can call or email your order as well: 888-763-7550 Ext 103 or sales@uccwireless.com

Are my prices going to change?

Effective December 18, 2017, UCC will honor the established PCR dealer pricing matrix for Minitor VI pager units. There will be changes to the pricing matrix for some pager parts and accessories. Once you establish your account at UCC, and set up a login for our on-line system, you will be able to review your full reseller paging price pages. As is the case under your direct MSI relationship, prices for all items are subject to change. If you have specific questions regarding pricing, please feel free to call our office at (888)763-7550.

I have multiple locations; can I ship to each of them?

Yes. You can add a new "ship to" location online while placing your order. Make sure to provide the "ship to" location on each order and we will follow your instructions.

Can UCC drop ship to my customers?

Yes, you can add multiple "ship to" locations in your account data base. Contact UCC so we can establish exactly how you want the shipment to look when received by your customer.

What are UCC’s payment terms?

In general for most orders our terms will be Net 30 days. There may be instances where terms need to be adjusted for particular situations

Can I use a credit card to pay my bill?

To keep your cost as low as possible we would prefer to be paid within net 30 day terms with a company check. However, if you must use a credit card we will accept that method of payment. If you choose to pay by credit card there will be a 4% fee added to your invoice to cover the credit card processing fees.

Are the freight charges still going to be the same?

UCC always does our best to provide reasonable shipping rates. That said, due to their volume, Motorola enjoys a significant freight discount. We also do not believe Motorola provided or paid the cost to insure packages. UCC will insure all shipments made on our freight accounts and the additional cost of the insurance will be added to your invoice. We will provide the option to opt out of insurance to reduce your overall shipping costs. If you prefer, we can ship packages on your account via the "Freight Collect" method of your choice. Using this option you can establish the carrier and terms of your shipments.

Does UCC have a minimum order quantity?

As a stocking wholesale distributor we will not impose minimum order quantities. However, to keep your product costs as low as possible, we will charge a processing and handling fee of $5.00 per order. The fee of $5.00 is a flat fee per order and is the same for orders of any size.

General Questions?

Is Motorola Solutions getting out of the pager business?

MSI is absolutely NOT exiting the pager business! In fact, this move is designed to bring additional support and energy to the pager market. Motorola Solutions has asked UCC to take a proactive role working with dealers to drive sales by mapping the user base across the country, connecting dealers with end users, and assisting MSI to identify opportunities to ensure customer satisfaction and potentially expand the pager portfolio.

Is UCC taking over warranty for MSI paging products?

There is no change to the standard warranty repair process. Motorola Customer Service will continue to honor the 45 day “Out of Box Failure” replacement process for orders that were placed directly with MSI from November 3, 2017 thru December 15, 2017. Going forward, for all orders placed through UCC, the 45 day “Out of Box Failure” replacement process will be handled through UCC Customer Service. Call your UCC Sales Representative for an RMA.

Is UCC going to be contacting pager end users?

Yes, Motorola has asked UCC to help them get closer to the ultimate pager end user. UCC has committed to "map" pager end users by state, county and department to ensure all potential pager users are connected to a dealer. UCC will make every effort to support your existing relationship with end users in your area.

Will UCC be selling pagers to End Users?

No, UCC is a wholesale distributor and therefore does not and will not sell new pagers to end users. All leads developed through our outreach will be passed to local pager dealers who represent and actively promote Motorola Solutions Minitor products in the respective community.

Is dealer advertising of pagers, sourced though UCC, going to be subject to a Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy?

During Q1 2018, UCC will be implementing a MAP program for Minitor VI pagers. Please keep this in mind if you are making advertising plans that include pricing for the Minitor VI pager.

How do I return a cancelled or incorrectly ordered item?

All items must be in new re-sellable condition and returned at your cost within 30 days of invoice. Please call your UCC Sales Representative for an RMA# and include a copy with the return shipment.

Is there a restock fee?

Not normally, if items qualify for return there should be no restock fee. If it is outside the above guidelines you must call for approval and if approved, you will incur a 20% restock fee.

Do you program pagers?

Yes, we can program pagers at time of purchase for $5.00 per pager.

Are you going to stock all Minitor pagers?

We will stock most items in sufficient quantity to provide same day shipment. In some circumstances if we do not have the items in stock we will ship to you the same day they arrive into our warehouse. If you have knowledge of pending orders on very low running splits or quantities over 100 pagers on higher running splits please provide as much notice as possible so we can assure same day shipment.

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